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The future of Southerly

Southerly?is seeking funds to enable it to continue publishing in 2020. We stress that?Southerly?editors are themselves not paid. All money?goes?to writers, to the?production and distribution of?the issues and a small amount to administration.?We also seek ideas?from our wide national and international readership re securing?Southerly’s future.

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Australian Short Story Festival tickets now on sale

The annual Australian Short Story Festival is back this October and for the first time it is being held in Melbourne! From the 18th-20th of October at the Hawthorn Arts Festival, join a number of great authors and share your love for the short story form with other...

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I scan the textbook looking for any flickers of familiarity, of words I might have seen before or words that resemble English in some way. There are a few of those like Sohn, son, Bruder, brother, Mutter, mother. Would the unfamiliar words make more sense if my grandfather had kept his native tongue rather than disown it when he arrived in Australia?

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His name was changed from Pollnow, German, dating back to the eighteenth century, to Peters, assigned with little more than an up and down glance. My grandfather, along with seven other young Jewish refugees, was cautioned against revealing any trace of their foreignness. Assimilation has always been Australia’s policy.

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This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.
Southerly is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW

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